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Cristina Scarlat Cristina Scarlat Wild Soul
13 points 16th
Hersi Hersi One Night's Anger
22 points 15th
Axel Hirsoux Axel Hirsoux Mother
28 points 14th
Aarzemnieki Aarzemnieki Cake To Bake
33 points 13th
Tanja Tanja Amazing
36 points 12th
Suzy Suzy Quero Ser Tua
39 points 11th
Valentina Monetta Valentina Monetta Maybe (Forse)
40 points 10th
Dilara Kazimova Dilara Kazimova Start A Fire
57 points 9th
Pollapönk Pollapönk No Prejudice
61 points 8th
Sergej Ćetković Sergej Ćetković Moj Svijet
63 points 7th
Tolmachevy Sisters Tolmachevy Sisters Shine
63 points 6th
Mariya Yaremchuk Mariya Yaremchuk Tick - Tock
118 points 5th
Aram MP3 Aram MP3 Not Alone
121 points 4th
András Kállay-Saunders András Kállay-Saunders Running
127 points 3rd
Sanna Nielsen Sanna Nielsen Undo
131 points 2nd
The Common Linnets The Common Linnets Calm After The Storm
150 points 1st