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Conchita Bautista Estando Contigo
8 points 9th
Colette Deréal Allons, Allons Les Enfants
6 points 10th
Jimmy Makulis Sehnsucht
1 points 15th
Laila Kinnunen Valoa Ikkunassa
6 points 10th
Ljiljana Petrovic Neke Davne Zvezde
9 points 8th
Greetje Kauffeld Wat Een Dag
6 points 10th
Lill-Babs April, April
2 points 14th
Lale Andersen Einmal Sehen Wir Uns Wieder
3 points 13th
Jean-Paul Mauric Printemps (avril Carillonne)
13 points 4th
Franca di Rienzo Nous Aurons Demain
16 points 3rd
Bob Benny September, Gouden Roos
1 points 15th
Nora Brockstedt Sommer I Palma
10 points 7th
Dario Campeotto Angelique
12 points 5th
Jean-Claude Pascal Jean-Claude Pascal Nous Les Amoureux
31 points 1st
The Allisons Are You Sure?
24 points 2nd
Betty Curtis Al Di Là
12 points 5th