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Seyyal Tanner and Lokomotif Sarkim Sevgi üstüne
Plastic Bertrand Amour Amour
4 points 21st
Gary Lux Nur Noch Gefühl
8 points 20th
Patricia Kraus No Estás Solo
10 points 19th
Nevada Neste Barco à Vela
15 points 18th
Carole Rich Moitié Moitié
26 points 17th
Halla Margarét Hægt Og Hljótt
28 points 16th
Vicky Rosti Sata Salamaa
32 points 15th
Christine Minier Les Mots D'amour N'ont Pas De Dimanche
44 points 14th
Rikki Only The Light
47 points 13th
Lotta Engberg Boogaloo
50 points 12th
Liliane Saint-Pierre Soldiers Of Love
56 points 11th
Bang Stop!
64 points 10th
Kate Gulbrandsen Mitt Liv
65 points 9th
Datner and Kushnir Shir Habatlanim
73 points 8th
Alexia Aspro Mavro
80 points 7th
Anne-Catherine Herdorf and Bandjo En Lille Melodi
83 points 5th
Marcha Rechtop In De Wind
83 points 5th
Novi Fosili Ja Sam Za Ples
92 points 4th
Umberto Tozzi and Raf Gente Di Mare
103 points 3rd
Wind Laß Die Sonne In Dein Herz
141 points 2nd
Johnny Logan Johnny Logan Hold Me Now
172 points 1st