Sherisse Laurence L'amour De Ma Vie
117 points 3rd
Doris Dragovic Zeljo Moja
49 points 11th
Cocktail Chic Européennes
13 points 17th
Ketil Stokkan Romeo
44 points 12th
Ryder Runner In The Night
72 points 7th
Icy Gleðibankinn
19 points 16th
Frizzle Sizzle Alles Heeft Ritme
40 points 13th
Klips ve Onlar Halley
53 points 9th
Cadillac Valentino
51 points 10th
Daniela Simons Pas Pour Moi
140 points 2nd
Moti Galadi and Sarai Tzuriel Yavoh Yom
7 points 19th
Luv Bug You Can Count On Me
96 points 4th
Sandra Kim Sandra Kim J'aime La Vie
176 points 1st
Ingrid Peters Über Die Brücke Geh'n
62 points 8th
Elpida Tora Zo
4 points 20th
Timna Brauer Die Zeit Ist Einsam
12 points 18th
Lasse Holm and Monica Törnell E' De' Det Här Du Kallar Kärlek
78 points 5th
Lise Haavik and Trax Du Er Fuld Af Løgn
77 points 6th
Kari Kuivalainen Päivä Kahden Ihmisen
22 points 15th
Dora Não Sejas Mau Para Mim
28 points 14th