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André Without Your Love
150 points 6th
Mariana Popova Let Me Cry
36 points 17th
Anžej Dežan Mr. Nobody
49 points 16th
Jennifer Sense Tu
8 points 23rd
Polina Smolova Mum
10 points 22nd
Luiz Ejlli Zjarr E Ftohtë
58 points 14th
Kate Ryan Je T'adore
69 points 12th
Brian Kennedy Every Song Is A Cry For Love
79 points 9th
Annet Artani Why Angels Cry
57 points 15th
Séverine Ferrer La Coco-dance
14 points 21st
Elena Risteska Ninanajna
76 points 10th
Ich Troje Follow My Heart
70 points 11th
Dima Bilan Dima Bilan Never Let You Go
217 points 3rd
Sibel Tüzün Superstar
91 points 8th
Tina Karol Tina Karol Show Me Your Love
146 points 7th
Lordi Lordi Hard Rock Hallelujah
292 points 1st
Treble Amambanda
22 points 20th
LT United We Are The Winners
163 points 5th
Nonstop Coisas De Nada
26 points 19th
Carola Invincible
214 points 4th
Sandra Through My Window
28 points 18th
Silvia Night Congratulations
62 points 13th