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Six4One If We All Give A Little
30 points 16th
Eddie Butler Ze Hazman
4 points 23rd
Cosmos I Hear Your Heart
30 points 16th
Christine Guldbrandsen Alvedansen
36 points 14th
Las Ketchup Bloody Mary
18 points 21st
Fabrizio Faniello I Do
1 points 24th
Texas Lightning No, No, Never
36 points 14th
Sidsel Ben Semmane Twist Of Love
26 points 18th
Dima Bilan Dima Bilan Never Let You Go
248 points 2nd
Elena Risteska Ninanajna
56 points 12th
Mihai Traistariu Tornero
172 points 4th
LT United We Are The Winners
162 points 6th
Daz Sampson Teenage Life
25 points 19th
Anna Vissi Everything
128 points 9th
Lordi Lordi Hard Rock Hallelujah
292 points 1st
Tina Karol Tina Karol Show Me Your Love
145 points 7th
Virginie Pouchin Il était Temps
5 points 22nd
Severina Moja šŠtikla
56 points 12th
Brian Kennedy Every Song Is A Cry For Love
93 points 10th
Carola Invincible
170 points 5th
Sibel Tüzün Superstar
91 points 11th
André Without Your Love
129 points 8th