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Amsterdam 1970

R/O Sort descending Half Country Participant Song Points Rank
1 Netherlands Netherlands Patricia and Hearts of Soul Waterman 7 7th
2 Switzerland Switzerland Henri Dès Retour 8 4th
3 Italy Italy Gianni Morandi Occhi Di Ragazza 5 8th
4 Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Eva Sršen Pridi, Dala Ti Bom Cvet 4 11th
5 Belgium Belgium Jean Vallée Viens L'oublier 5 8th
6 France France Guy Bonnet Marie Blanche 8 4th
7 United Kingdom United Kingdom Mary Hopkin Knock, Knock (who's There?) 26 2nd
8 Luxembourg Luxembourg David-Alexandre Winter Je Suis Tombé Du Ciel 12th
9 Spain Spain Julio Iglesias Gwendolyne 8 4th
10 Monaco Monaco Dominique Dussault Marlène 5 8th
11 Germany Germany Katja Ebstein Wunder Gibt Es Immer Wieder 12 3rd
12 Ireland Ireland Dana  All Kinds Of Everything 32 1st