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Senhit discovering the latest Eurovision news
Senhit discovering the latest Eurovision news

Latest Eurovision News: Summer 2021

All the latest Eurovision news as we prepare for Italy 2022.

24 June 2021 at 17:05 CEST
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Talking Turkey: possible return to the Eurovision Song Contest? 🇹🇷

Turkey hasn’t participated in the Eurovision Song Contest since 2012, pressing pause on a rich history within the competition that includes 34 entries and a 2003 victory thanks to Sertab Erener’s Every Way That I Can.

Sertab Erener won the Eurovision Song Contest for Turkey in 2003Raimond Spekking

Despite the break in participation, the Contest remains popular in the ‘land of four seasons’ and speculation about a potential return has been fuelled by İbrahim Eren, Chairman and Director General at national broadcaster TRT, after commenting on the prospect of Turkey returning to the Eurovision Song Contest.

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Today, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) shed new light on the path to a possible Turkish return:

‘Although the EBU’s Turkish Member TRT hasn’t participated in the Eurovision Song Contest since 2012 we know there is still huge interest in Turkey in the Contest underlined by the large amount of engagement on our social channels from Turkish fans.

With that in mind, we are in contact with TRT with the aim of bringing them back into the competition.

TRT has made a huge contribution to the Contest in the past, including hosting the event in Istanbul in 2004, and we would very much welcome them back should they decide to participate again.’

The most recent Turkish entry is Can Bonomo’s Love Me Back(Baku 2012).