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Latest Eurovision News: Winter 2022

All the latest Eurovision news as we prepare for Italy 2022.

Maria Guinot represented Portugal in 1984 with Silêncio E Tanta Gente : Photo: RTP

'Silêncio E Tanta Gente' used in Portugal's Euros campaign 🇵🇹

The 1984 Portuguese Eurovision entry Silêncio E Tanta Gente by Maria Guinot is being used by Portugal’s Federação Portuguesa de Futebol to promote the team’s participation in the UEFA European Championships.

Watch: Silêncio E Tanta Gente by Maria Guinot (Federação Portuguesa de Futebol)

The song (English translation: 'Silence and So Many People’) used in the context of Portugal’s Euros campaign alludes to the current COVID-19 situation and the fact that many fans cannot currently be together. The video features the team’s fans from across the world.

Maria Guinot represented Portugal in 1984 with Silêncio E Tanta Gente RTP

Às vezes é no meio do silêncio

(Sometimes it’s in the midst of silence)

Que descubro o amor em teu olhar

(I find love in the look of your eyes)

É uma pedra

(It’s a stone)

É um grito

(It’s a shout)

Que nasce em qualquer lugar

(Born anywhere)

Às vezes é no meio de tanta gente

(Sometimes it’s in the midst of so many people)

Que descubro afinal aquilo que sou

(I find at last what I am)

Sou um grito

(I’m a shout)

Ou sou uma pedra

(I’m a stone)

De um altar aonde não estou

(From a place where I am not)

Silêncio E Tanta Gente was entered into the 1984 Eurovision Song Contest in Luxembourg and received 38 points, finishing in a respectable 11th place.

Singer, songwriter and pianist, Maria Guinot passed away in 2018 at the age of 73.