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Latest Eurovision News: Winter 2022

All the latest Eurovision news as we prepare for Italy 2022.

Spain's Miki celebrating in the Tel Aviv 2019 Green Room
29 September 2021 at 13:58 CEST

More Benidorm Fest details revealed… 🇪🇸

January will see the inaugural Benidorm Fest take place; three televised shows which broadcaster RTVE will use as a process to find Spain’s representative in Italy next year.

We know lots of fans will want to visit this new event on the national final circuit, so rest assured will share even more details of the festival as soon as they’re made available.

Vista de Benidorm, España Diego Delso

In the meantime, applications are now open to lyricists, composers and performers of Spanish nationality or with permanent residency in Spain, who’d like to compete for the chance to represent Spain. Artists are invited to apply via the RTVE website.

It has also been revealed that 6 artists will compete in both of the two semi-finals, with 3 progressing from each to the grand final.

The overall victor will be chosen by a vote decided by a 50/50 split of professional jury (60% national, 40% international) and the general public.

Watch: Salomé – Vivo Cantando (1969)

It will soon be 52 years since Salomé won Eurovision for Spain… can Benidorm reset the counter?