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Eurovision Home Concerts

As the world stays at home, we introduce a new series on our YouTube and social channels to bring the music to you: Eurovision Home Concerts!

Recently, many artists have had to cancel tours due to current COVID-19-related group and travel restrictions, which means a new forum to share the music we love is needed now more than ever. As such, Eurovision artists have come together to record beloved Eurovision songs for fans from their living rooms.

A new episode will air every Friday at 17:00 CEST until 15 May, the day before what would have been the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 Grand Final - now the air-date of the EBU and its Dutch Members NPO, NOS and AVROTROS' new show, Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light.

Each episode of Eurovision Home Concerts will feature several artists who have been part of the Eurovision family over the years, including artists from 2020. Each artist will perform their own song and a cover version of another Eurovision hit chosen by fans by way of social media poll.

Episode 7: Friday 15 May

The cancellation of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 brought us not 'Only Teardrops', but also — Hallelujah! — Eurovision Home Concerts. In the final episode (at least for now), we'll visit the homes of 9 more artists who flew their flag at the Contest between 1995 and 2019, as well as some of this year's stars. This week, we are proud to be welcomed to the homes of Go_A (Ukraine 2020), Eimear Quinn (Ireland 1996), Imri Ziv (Israël 2017), Dami Im (Australia 2016), Diodato (Italy 2020), Secret Garden (Norway 1995), Yohanna (Iceland 2009), MELOVIN (Ukraine 2018) and Dana (Ireland 1970).

Episode 6: Friday 8 May

In the sixth episode, we introduce you to a whopping 13 more Eurovision artists! In this episode, we visit the homes of The Mamas (Sweden 2020), Hera Björk (Iceland 2010), Efendi (Azerbaijan 2020), Arilena Ara (Albania 2020), Lea Sirk (Slovenia 2018 ), Jedward (Ireland 2011 and 2012), Michela (Malta 2019), Benny Cristo (Czech Republic 2020), James Newman (United Kingdom 2020), Blas Cantó (Spain 2020), Paula Seling & Ovi (Romania 2014 / 2010), Suzy (Portugal 2014) and Surie (United Kingdom 2018).

Episode 5: Friday 1 May

7 more Eurovision artists took the home-stage in episode 5 of Eurovision Home Concerts. In this episode, you'll hear fantastic entries, and brand-new covers, from Tom Leeb (France 2020), Senhit (San Marino 2020), VAL (Belarus 2020), Zibbz (Switzerland 2018), Samanta Tīna (Latvia 2020), Sandro (Cyprus 2020), ROXEN (Romania 2020), Michael Schulte (Germany 2018) and Ben Dolic (Germany 2020).

Episode 4: Friday 24 April

In the fourth episode of Eurovision Home Concerts, you'll hear from a mix of artists over the last few years. For 2020, we'll see Damir Kedžo (Croatia 2020), Elisa (Portugal 2020), VICTORIA (Bulgaria 2020), Stefania (Greece 2020) and Ana Soklič (Slovenia 2020). We'll also venture back memories of Tel Aviv with Pænda (Austria 2019) and KEiiNO (Norway 2019), and to sunny Lisbon for 2018's Eugent Bushpepa (Albania).

Episode 3: Friday 17 April

In the third instalment of Eurovision Home Concerts, we bring you into the homes of 2020 artists Jeangu Macrooy (the Netherlands), Uku Suviste (Estonia), Hurricane (Serbia), Ulrikke (Norway) and Lesley Roy (Ireland). We also revisit 2019 with Lake Malawi (Czech Republic) and Victor Crone (Estonia), and see classic duo Jalisse, who represented Italy in 1997. Watch carefully, you may even catch a surprise guest (or 3!).

Episode 2: Friday 10 April

On Friday, 10 April, you'll see the first 2020 artists take their home stage, including Daði from Iceland, Australia's Montaigne, Vasil from North Macedonia, Finland's Aksel and Switzerland's own Gjon's Tears. To take us back in time, you'll also see 2019 Danish delegate Leonora who will sing her song Love Is Forever alongside a cover of Lena's Satellite and the unforgettable Jamala, who won the Contest for Ukraine in 2016 with her song 1944.

Episode 1: Friday 3 April

In the first episode of Eurovision Home Concerts, you'll see Ryan O'Shaughnessy, Ireland's choice for 2018 up first singing his song Together, as well as Daði og Gagnamagnið's Think About Things (Iceland 2020). He will be followed by Denmark's Rasmussen, who took the stage in Lisbon in 2018, Tamara Todevska from North Macedonia won the jury vote in Tel Aviv 2019 and Montenegro's Slavko Kalezic who will close the show with his 2017 entry Space and a cover of Eleni Foureira's Fuego.