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Slovakia first joined the Eurovision Song Contest in 1994. Slovakia became and independent country in 1993 following the so-called Velvet Divorce which saw the peaceful dissolution of Czechoslovakia. Slovakia first attempted to enter the Eurovision Song Contest in 1993 but failed to qualify for the final. The capital of Slovakia is Bratislava.

After Slovakia's three appearances in the Eurovision Song Contest in the 1990s, the country withdrew from the competition but returned in 2009. Since the Semi-Finals were introduced Slovakia has never qualified for the Grand Final. 

After the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest Slovakia withdrew from the competition and has not participated since. 

Participation history

Event Contestant Song Place
Baku 2012
Don't Close Your Eyes
18th - 22 points
Düsseldorf 2011
I'm Still Alive
13th - 48 points
Oslo 2010
16th - 24 points
Moscow 2009
Leť Tmou
18th - 8 points
Birmingham 1998
Grand Final
21st - 8 points
Oslo 1996
Kým Nás Máš
Grand Final
18th - 19 points
Dublin 1994
Nekovecná Piesen
Grand Final
19th - 15 points