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Monaco joined the Eurovision Song Contest in 1959. The city-state won the contest in 1971 but did not host the event the following year. It remains the only microstate to have ever won the Eurovision Song Contest.

Despite finishing last with its first ever entry in 1959, Monaco went on to have a successful history in the Eurovision Song Contest. Monaco finished in the top three during the 1960s on three occasions and was only outside of the top ten once. 

Following Monaco's victory in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1971, the contest was held in Edinburgh, Scotland. Monaco continued to have a number of top five placings before withdrawing after the 1979 competition.

Following the introduction of the Semi-Finals in 2004, Monaco returned to Eurovision but after failing to qualify for three contests running, the country withdrew and has not participated in the Eurovision Song Contest since 2006.

Participation history

Event Contestant Song Place
Athens 2006
La Coco-dance
21st - 14 points
Kyiv 2005
Tout De Moi
24th - 22 points
Istanbul 2004
Notre PlanĂšte
19th - 10 points
Jerusalem 1979
Notre Vie, C'est La Musique
Grand Final
16th - 12 points
Paris 1978
Les Jardins De Monaco
Grand Final
4th - 107 points
London 1977
Une Petite Française
Grand Final
4th - 96 points
The Hague 1976
Toi, La Musique Et Moi
Grand Final
3rd - 93 points
Stockholm 1975
Une Chanson C'est Une Lettre
Grand Final
13th - 22 points
Brighton 1974
Celui Qui Reste Et Celui Qui S'en Va
Grand Final
4th - 14 points
Luxembourg 1973
Un Train Qui Part
Grand Final
8th - 85 points
Edinburgh 1972
Comme On S'aime
Grand Final
16th - 65 points
Dublin 1971
Un Banc, Un Arbre, Une Rue
Grand Final
1st - 128 points
Amsterdam 1970
Grand Final
8th - 5 points
Madrid 1969
Maman, Maman
Grand Final
6th - 11 points
London 1968
A Chacun Sa Chanson
Grand Final
7th - 8 points
Vienna 1967
Grand Final
5th - 10 points
Luxembourg 1966
Bien Plus Fort
Grand Final
17th - 0 points
Naples 1965
Va Dire Ă  L'amour
Grand Final
9th - 7 points
Copenhagen 1964
OĂč Sont-elles PassĂ©es?
Grand Final
3rd - 15 points
London 1963
L'amour S'en Va
Grand Final
5th - 25 points
Luxembourg 1962
Dis Rien
Grand Final
2nd - 13 points
Cannes 1961
Allons, Allons Les Enfants
Grand Final
10th - 6 points
London 1960
Ce Soir-lĂ 
Grand Final
3rd - 15 points
Cannes 1959
Mon Ami Pierrot
Grand Final
11th - 1 point