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A small, landlocked country, Luxembourg has won the Eurovision Song Contest five times and was one of the founding participants of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1956.

Luxembourg was one of the original seven participants in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1956 and over the years they achieved five victories. The journey was not always smooth though as the country finished last in 1958. Having previously sent French language entries, they opted for  an entry in Luxembourgish in 1960 only to finish last again. Luxembourg's fortunes changed in 1961 when they returned to French and achieved their first victory.

Luxembourg entered Eurovision’s Hall of fame with their second victory achieved in 1965: Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son, performed by France Gall,was the first pop song to win the contest. 

Luxembourg won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1972 and again in 1973 on home ground. Spain had already won back-to-back contests in 1968 and in 1969 when they shared first place with three other countries, but 1973 was the first time that the same country won on home ground exclusively.

By the turn of the 1980s France had five Eurovision victories to Luxembourg's four but that all changed in 1983 when Parisian singer Corinne Hermès lifted the trophy. Corinne gave a powerful performance of Si La Vie Est Cadeau which was also performed last in the running order in Munich. Luxembourg hosted the Eurovision Song Contest for the fourth and last time in 1984.

The country was relegated in 1993 following their low score that year. Despite 37 appearances and five victories, Luxembourg never returned to the Eurovision Song Contest.


Participation history

Event Contestant Song Place
Millstreet 1993
Donne-moi Une Chance
Grand Final
20th - 11 points
Malmö 1992
Sou Fräi
Grand Final
21st - 10 points
Rome 1991
Un Baiser Volé
Grand Final
14th - 29 points
Zagreb 1990
Quand Je Te RĂŞve
Grand Final
13th - 38 points
Lausanne 1989
Grand Final
20th - 8 points
Dublin 1988
Grand Final
4th - 90 points
Brussels 1987
Amour Amour
Grand Final
21st - 4 points
Bergen 1986
L'amour De Ma Vie
Grand Final
3rd - 117 points
Gothenburg 1985
Children, Kinder, Enfants
Grand Final
13th - 37 points
Luxembourg 1984
100% D'amour
Grand Final
10th - 39 points
Munich 1983
Si La Vie Est Cadeau
Grand Final
1st - 142 points
Harrogate 1982
Cour Apres Le Temps
Grand Final
6th - 78 points
Dublin 1981
C'est Peut-être Pas L'amérique
Grand Final
11th - 41 points
The Hague 1980
Papa Pingouin
Grand Final
9th - 56 points
Jerusalem 1979
J'ai Déjà Vu ça Dans Tes Yeux
Grand Final
13th - 44 points
Paris 1978
Parlez-vous Français?
Grand Final
7th - 73 points
London 1977
Frère Jacques
Grand Final
16th - 17 points
The Hague 1976
Chansons Pour Ceux Qui S'aiment
Grand Final
14th - 17 points
Stockholm 1975
Grand Final
5th - 84 points
Brighton 1974
Bye, Bye, I Love You
Grand Final
4th - 14 points
Luxembourg 1973
Tu Te Reconnaîtras
Grand Final
1st - 129 points
Edinburgh 1972
Après Toi
Grand Final
1st - 128 points
Dublin 1971
Pomme, Pomme, Pomme
Grand Final
13th - 70 points
Amsterdam 1970
Je Suis Tombé Du Ciel
Grand Final
12th - 0 points
Madrid 1969
Grand Final
11th - 7 points
London 1968
Nous Vivrons D'amour
Grand Final
11th - 5 points
Vienna 1967
L'amour Est Bleu
Grand Final
4th - 17 points
Luxembourg 1966
Ce Soir Je T'attendais
Grand Final
10th - 7 points
Naples 1965
Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son
Grand Final
1st - 32 points
Copenhagen 1964
Dès Que Le Printemps Revient
Grand Final
4th - 14 points
London 1963
A Force De Prier
Grand Final
8th - 13 points
Luxembourg 1962
Petit Bonhomme
Grand Final
3rd - 11 points
Cannes 1961
Nous Les Amoureux
Grand Final
1st - 31 points
London 1960
So Laang We's Du Do Bast
Grand Final
13th - 1 point
Hilversum 1958
Un Grand Amour
Grand Final
9th - 1 point
Frankfurt 1957
Tant De Peine
Grand Final
4th - 8 points
Lugano 1956
Ne Crois Pas
Grand Final
2nd - 0 points
Lugano 1956
Les Amants De Minuit
Grand Final
2nd - 0 points