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Azerbaijan made its debut in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008. The country is known as the Land of Fire and is the home of the world's first oil well, dug in the mid-1800s. Azerbaijan won the competition in 2011 with 'Running Scared' performed by Ell and Nikki.

Azerbaijan is a relative latecomer to the Eurovision family, having made its debut in 2008 with Day After Day performed by Elnur and Samir. The duo finished eighth and sparked a series of successes for the country including Ell and Nikki's win in 2011 with Running Scared. To commemorate the moment, Azerbaijan issued a special postage stamp dedicated to Ell & Nikki's victory.

The 2012 Eurovision Song Contest was held in Azerbaijan's capital Baku and success in the competition continued when Sabina Babayeva finished fourth on home ground with When The Music Dies. Read more about Azerbaijan in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Sabina Babayeva's entry and also won the Marcel Bezençon Press Award in 2012. Farid Mammadov flew the Azeri flag in 2013 with the song Hold Me which won the Marcel Bezençon Artistic Award again that year.

Participation history

Event Contestant Song Place
Malmö 2024
ÖzĂŒnlə Apar
Liverpool 2023
Tell Me More
14th - 4 points
Turin 2022
Fade To Black
10th - 96 points
Grand Final
16th - 106 points
Rotterdam 2021
Mata Hari
8th - 138 points
Grand Final
20th - 65 points
Rotterdam 2020
Tel Aviv 2019
5th - 224 points
Grand Final
8th - 302 points
Lisbon 2018
X My Heart
11th - 94 points
Kyiv 2017
8th - 150 points
Grand Final
14th - 120 points
Stockholm 2016
6th - 185 points
Grand Final
17th - 117 points
Vienna 2015
Hour Of The Wolf
10th - 53 points
Grand Final
12th - 49 points
Copenhagen 2014
Start A Fire
9th - 57 points
Grand Final
22nd - 33 points
Malmö 2013
Hold Me
1st - 139 points
Grand Final
2nd - 234 points
Baku 2012
When The Music Dies
Grand Final
4th - 150 points
DĂŒsseldorf 2011
Running Scared
2nd - 122 points
Grand Final
1st - 221 points
Oslo 2010
Drip Drop
2nd - 113 points
Grand Final
5th - 145 points
Moscow 2009
2nd - 180 points
Grand Final
3rd - 207 points
Belgrade 2008
Day After Day
6th - 96 points
Grand Final
8th - 132 points