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Armenia entered the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time in 2006. Their debut entry 'Without Your Love' was performed by Andre, placing 8th at the end of voting.

Armenia has yet to win the Eurovision Song Contest but has a strong record of qualifying for the Grand Final. In 2008, Armenia's Sirusho won the Marcel Bezençon Fan Award for her song Qélé, Qélé.

The country also successfully hosted the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2011 after Vladimir Arzumanyan won the previous year with his song Mama.

Armenian broadcaster AMPTV launched a new national selection, Depi Evratesil (Armenian: Դեպի Եվրատեսիլ; "Towards Eurovision") for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, and the same format was used in 2018 and again in 2020.

Armenia withdrew from the Contest in 2021 due to domestic issues that made participation impossible. It is hoped that they will return soon and build upon their two fourth place finishes (Sirusho’s Qélé, Qélé 2008 and Aram MP3’s Not Alone, 2014) and impressive qualifying record.

Participation history

Event Contestant Song Place
Liverpool 2023
Future Lover
Turin 2022
5th - 187 points
Grand Final
20th - 61 points
Rotterdam 2020
Chains On You
Tel Aviv 2019
Walking Out
16th - 49 points
Lisbon 2018
15th - 79 points
Kyiv 2017
Fly With Me
7th - 152 points
Grand Final
18th - 79 points
Stockholm 2016
2nd - 243 points
Grand Final
7th - 249 points
Vienna 2015
Face The Shadow
7th - 77 points
Grand Final
16th - 34 points
Copenhagen 2014
Not Alone
4th - 121 points
Grand Final
4th - 174 points
Malmö 2013
Lonely Planet
7th - 69 points
Grand Final
18th - 41 points
Düsseldorf 2011
Boom Boom
12th - 54 points
Oslo 2010
Apricot Stone
6th - 83 points
Grand Final
7th - 141 points
Moscow 2009
Jan Jan
5th - 99 points
Grand Final
10th - 92 points
Belgrade 2008
Qele, Qele
2nd - 139 points
Grand Final
4th - 199 points
Helsinki 2007
Anytime You Need
Grand Final
8th - 138 points
Athens 2006
Without Your Love
6th - 150 points
Grand Final
8th - 129 points