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Country Updates - Eurovision 2023

Kalush Orchestra from Ukraine rehearsed their song Stefania for second rehearsal : Photo: EBU / Corinne Cumming

Ukraine: Act for Liverpool narrowed to 36

UA:PBC has released the 36 artist long-list for Vidbir - the national selection show which determines the Ukrainian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest.

The acts are…

  1. 2TONE

  2. Angelina

  3. DAYTON 


  5. Drevo

  6. Elysees   


  8. Havkа

  9. Jerry Heil

  10. Iana Kovaleva

  11. Kozak Siromaha

  12. KRUTЬ

  13. Lue Bason

  14. Moisei

  15. Olivan

  16. OOHLA

  17. Oy Sound System

  18. SASHA 

  19. Seréen

  20. sexnesc

  21. Shy

  22. SKYLERR 

  23. SOWA

  24. Tember Blanche  

  25. Tery

  26. TVORCHI 

  27. Victoria Niro

  28. Vynohradova

  29. Zetetics

  30. Лилу45

  31. Макс Пташник

  32. Мія Рамарі

  33. Роялькіт

  34. Саша Фадєєва

  35. ТÓНКА

  36. Циферблат

Musician and Vidbir producer, Pianoboy said: 

‘I am personally interested in ensuring that Ukrainian music does not freeze and develops in all directions, so that we have our heroes in all possible musical niches and styles. In my opinion, now, during the war, and with complete uncertainty in the lives of musicians, this selection takes on a special significance: we not only choose those worthy to represent Ukraine at the competition, but also have the opportunity to hear a wide range of Ukrainian music that is being created here and now, no matter what.’

Kalush Orchestra from Ukraine rehearsed their song Stefania for second rehearsal EBU / Andres Putting

He continued: 

‘I am glad that during the selection process, many musicians were motivated, inspired, and encouraged to create new songs and interesting ideas. It was difficult for many of them to start writing again, many musicians are in forced emigration or on the verge of changing professions, or even surviving. There are musicians who volunteer and fight. However, we have a 36-song longlist that has everything from original songs, dream pop and rock to indie, rap and ethnic. 

All this speaks of how creative our nation is, how much we strive to create. I am grateful to the society and the Society for the trust to musically produce the selection, I am already personally listening to this longlist in the car, I hope that after the publication of all the songs, you will too.’

The grand final of Vidbir will broadcast live on Saturday 17 December from a bomb shelter in Kyiv.

Interest in the national final has been high, with the broadcaster receiving nearly 400 song from 299 participants, all hoping to replicate Ukraine’s success in Turin where Kalush Orchestra won with their song Stefania; an ode to a mother, which became the first Eurovision winning song to feature a rap.

Long-list auditions will continue, with the final lineup of acts announced no later than November 17.

Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra performing at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 Semi Final One EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett