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You've never been closer to the Eurovision Song Contest, from wherever you are. Download the official app right away, it's free!

Download via: Dynamic Link / iOS / Android

Get to know the participants

Learn more about the artists, follow the latest news, stream the songs and watch the latest videos, as we follow the participants on their journey to the Eurovision Song Contest, as well as their time taking part. During the live shows, the app becomes a second screen with continuous live updates during the show.

Easily cast your vote

Vote for your favourite act in the live shows and receive their exclusive 'thank you' messages!

Rank your favourites

On the app, you can browse the list of entries and rank your Top 10 favourite songs from 1 to 12 points. You can then share your rankings between friends and family.

Get involved in the conversation

See what’s being shared across the world about the Eurovision Song Contest on social media.

Cheer on from home

The app allows you to cheer for your favourite songs as they are performed, using different emojis - including the famous 'douze points'.

...and so much more

Watch live streams in the app, shop for Eurovision Song Contest merch, and read breaking news stories as they unfold.