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How can I vote for my favourite song?

Your votes make up half of the total points awarded to participants in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Thanks to the millions of you who voted for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 acts! Details of how to vote in the 2023 Contest will be released at an appropriate time.

In 2022 you were able to cast your votes via the official Eurovision Song Contest app (or by following instructions on screen) during the live Semi-Finals and Grand Final. The app is available for your iOS, Android or Windows device, and if you voted via the app you will have received a special video message from your favourite artists.

Your votes are then calculated, verified and added to the final tally, making up 50% of the total points available to our competing acts; the other half of the points available are awarded by international juries. 

The current voting system has been in place since 2016, and since then a full breakdown of the votes is always available the view on after each event. 


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