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How can I vote for my favourite Eurovision song?

You can vote for your favourite Eurovision song via the app, phone and SMS (via details on screen), and

Full details concerning the voting rules and procedures for Liverpool 2023 can be found here.

Voting from Participating Countries

Viewers are able to cast their votes via the official Eurovision Song Contest app (or by following instructions on screen) during the live Semi-Finals and Grand Final. The app is available for your iOS, Android or Windows device, and if you vote via the app you will receive a special video message from your favourite artists.

In addition, those watching in participating countries can vote by telephone and/or SMS. Relevant numbers will be displayed on screen by each participating broadcaster and on

Voting Numbers

The below table has all the information you need to vote from your Participating Country, as well as the cost:

Voting from non-Participating Countries

For the very first time, viewers watching in eligible countries not participating in this year’s competition will also be able to vote in each Semi-Final and the Grand Final. 

All viewers in non-participating countries can vote using the official Eurovision App or go directly to – the new voting hub for the Eurovision Song Contest. Both App and website will provide the correct voting method for all eligible countries automatically. 

How can the Rest of the World vote at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023?

Members of the public watching the Eurovision Song Contest in the Rest of the World, i.e. outside the countries participating in the ESC may vote for songs participating in the ESC 2023 by casting their votes online via the website or use the link provided by the ESC App.

How does the voting platform work?

During the voting window in each Semi-Final and in the Grand Final, if you are located in a non-participating country you will be able to select multiple songs on and cast multiple votes on any individual song up to a maximum of 20 votes in total. You will then be taken to a payment screen where you can select your payment method for the number of votes cast.

When can I vote?

You can vote after all the songs have been performed in each of the live broadcasts of the Semi-Finals and Grand Final for a limited period of time. The hosts of the show will indicate when the voting period opens and closes. Any votes cast outside the voting window during the live shows will not be counted but you may be charged.

How many times can I vote?

You can cast up to a maximum of 20 votes, but you may use a payment method only once per Live Show.

How much does one vote cost?

Each individual vote costs 0.99 Euros (including any VAT or sales tax) and can be paid by the payment methods offered in the Voting Platform.

Please note that the transaction will be operated between you and the payment provider that is in charge of processing the payment in the country from where you vote.

What happens if I try to vote more than once with the same payment card?

If you cast fewer than 20 votes with the first transaction, you will not be able to cast additional votes afterwards in the same Live Show using the same card.  Any additional transaction attempts with the same payment card number will be rejected.

Can I vote by SMS or phone in a non-participating country?

No. Only on the platform

How will you know which country I am voting from?

Your location will be identified by means of a unique identifier based on your payment method.

Can I use a payment method (e.g. credit card) issued in a participating country if I am voting from a different country?

No, Your payment method must be issued by a bank in a country outside of the participating countries of the ESC 2023. If your card was issued in a country participating in the ESC 2023, the transaction will be rejected, and the votes will not be taken into consideration.

Which countries are eligible to vote?

You can vote on with any valid payment method in any country that is not participating in the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest. If your card was issued in a country where payments cannot be processed by payment providers due to legal or other regulatory reasons, the transaction will be rejected, and the votes will not be taken into consideration.

Can I vote if I am under the age of 18?

If you are under 18 years of age, you are not permitted to cast a vote without the permission of your parent(s) or guardian(s).

How will my votes count towards the results of the Contest?

All votes cast in non-participating countries on will be aggregated and the Top 10 favourite songs from the Rest of the World in each Semi-Final and the Grand Final will be awarded 12 points for the popular song, 10 points for the second and then 8 to 1 points.

This set of points will count as one additional country in each of the live shows.

For more information on how the Eurovision Song Contest voting works please visit our Voting Procedures page for 2023.

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