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14, 16 & 18 May 2019


Heads of Delegation

In football, each club has a coach. At the Olympics, each delegation has a 'chef de mission'. At the Eurovision Song Contest, each participating delegation is being managed by the Head of Delegation.

Each public broadcaster taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest must appoint a Head of Delegation. This person is the European Broadcasting Union's contact person and the leader of his or her delegation at the event.
Heads of Delegation meeting in 2014
Heads of Delegation meeting in 2014 © Jakob Boserup (DR)
A delegation, managed by the Head of Delegation, also includes a Head of Press, the actual participants, song writers, composers, backing vocalists and the artist's entourage. The size of a delegation can vary greatly, from below 20 to nearly 50 people.
Traditionally, the delegation head visits the Heads of Delegation meeting in March, where everyone is being informed on the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. The gathering also marks the official deadline to hand in the details of each country's act.