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All the Heads of Delegation of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest
All Heads of Delegation in Tel Aviv during the HoD meeting for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019
Photo: Stijn Smulders

The Eurovision Song Contest is organised yearly by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), together with the Host Broadcaster and some 40 Participating Broadcasters.

The contest is overseen by the Reference Group on behalf of the Participating Broadcasters. Each Participating Broadcaster is represented by a Head of Delegation.


The EBU supports and supervises the work of the Host Broadcaster and is the central point of contact of all Participating Broadcasters. Together with its Partners, the EBU is centrally dealing with all matters related to the brand, international marketing activities, rights management, voting, communications and online activities. Continue reading..

Executive Supervisor

Since 1956, the Eurovision Song Contest has been organised under the supervision of the EBU. The EBU is represented by the Executive Supervisor, a role fulfilled by Martin Österdahl since mid-2020. Continue reading..

Reference Group

The Reference Group, established in 1998, is the executive committee of the Eurovision Song Contest. Its purpose is to oversee the organisation and guide the contest on behalf of the Participating Broadcasters. Continue reading..

Host Broadcaster

Since 1957 - a few exceptions aside - the Eurovision Song Contest is organised by the national public broadcaster of the country that won the year before. For the Host Broadcaster, organising the contest is often an unprecedented but exciting challenge. Therefore, the Host Broadcaster often cooperates closely with the Host City. The Host Broadcaster's operations are being managed by its Executive Producer.

Heads of Delegation

Each Participating Broadcaster sends a delegation to the contest. While the artist is the most visible delegate, the Head of Delegation is actually in charge of the delegation. This person is the EBU's main contact person, responsible for making sure their delegation acts in accordance with the Rules. Continue reading..

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