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Semi-Final Allocation Draw

Eurovision 2020 Host City Insignia Exchange & Semi-Final Allocation Draw
Eurovision 2020 Host City Insignia Exchange & Semi-Final Allocation Draw
Photo: Roel Dijkstra Fotografie, Marc Heeman

The Semi-Final Allocation Draw, which takes place every year in late January, determines which country takes part in which of the two Semi-Finals of the Eurovision Song Contest.

The participating countries, except for the Host Country and the so-called 'Big 5' countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom) that automatically qualify for the Grand Final, will be divided across the 2 Semi-Finals. From each Semi-Final, only 10 countries will qualify for the Grand Final, bringing the total number of Grand Final participants to 26.

Eurovision 2020 Semi-Final Allocation Draw potsStijn Smulders

During the Semi-Final Allocation Draw, the countries that will take part in the Semi-Finals are divided into pots, based on historic voting patterns. In this way, countries that traditionally award each other points are less likely to end up in the same Semi-Final, adding excitement to the shows. The pots are approved by the contest's Executive Supervisor on behalf of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and the Chairman of the Reference Group, the contest's governing body on behalf of all Participating Broadcasters.

The Semi-Final Allocation Draw is being broadcast live via

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