Host City Insignia Exchange

Eurovision 2020 Host City Insignia Exchange & Semi-Final Allocation Draw
Eurovision 2020 Host City Insignia Exchange Photo: Roel Dijkstra Fotografie, Marc Heeman

Every year in May, one city finds itself in the global spotlight for several weeks; the Host City of the Eurovision Song Contest. To celebrate the contest coming to town, every year starts with the Host City Insignia Exchange around the end of January.

The Host City Insignia Exchange usually takes place in conjunction with the Semi-Final Allocation Draw, which determines which country takes part in which of the two Semi-Finals.

Eurovision 2020 Host City Insignia ExchangeRoel Dijkstra Fotografie, Marc Heeman

Each Host City adds an iconic insignia to the key chain, before handing over the entire collection of insignia to the next Host City.

After the hand-over, the insignia are traditionally being put on display in a public place, such as the City Hall or another venue of local significance, until they embarque on their next journey.

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