Everything you always wanted to know about the inner workings of the Eurovision Song Contest.

National selections

Each Participating Broadcaster has the freedom to decide how they choose their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. Through the years, they have come up with some pretty impressive formats to pick their act. Continue reading..

Host City Insignia Exchange

During the Host City Insignia Exchange, which traditionally takes place in January, the mayor of the previous Host City hands over the Eurovision Song Contest insignia to the mayor of the upcoming Host City. Continue reading..

Semi-Final Allocation Draw

During the Semi-Final Allocation Draw it is determined which country participates in which Semi-Final, and whether they take part in its first or second half. Continue reading..

The event weeks

Some two weeks before the Grand Final, the first delegations, journalists and fans travel to the Host City, to attend rehearsals, press conferences and parties in the Host City. Continue reading..

Marcel Bezençon Awards

Apart from the glass trophy for the winner, press, commentators and composers also award prizes; the Marcel Bezençon Awards. Continue reading..

Keeping the contest fair

Every year, the organisers take extensive measures to keep the Eurovision Song Contest fair. How do make sure we present a valid result at the end of the Grand Final? Continue reading..

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