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Learn more about the Eurovision Song Contest and its organisers.

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Eurovision Live Events

The Eurovision Song Contest is part of the family of Eurovision Live Events, a tight-knit group of five international events that each have a specific purpose and audience, yet have a lot in common. Find more info here.

Generic photos stage
Generic photos stage © Thomas Hanses

Eurovision Song Contest

New to the Eurovision Song Contest? Check out our introduction.


The Eurovision Song Contest is organised yearly by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), together with the Host Broadcaster and in close cooperation with some 40 Participating Broadcasters. Continue reading..


The Eurovision Song Contest has a detailed set of rules, which have been established by the EBU and approved by the contest's governing body, the Reference Group. A summary of the Rules for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest are available here.


On this page you can find detailed information about voting in the Eurovision Song Contest. Continue reading..


On this page you can find information and guidelines about using the Eurovision Song Contest logo and theme artwork, as well as logo and artwork downloads. Continue reading..


Since 2008, the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest takes home the iconic glass microphone. Continue reading..

Broadcasting rights

Information about how and where to watch the Eurovision Song Contest, footage requests and broadcasting rights. Continue reading..


From the national selections to the event weeks and everything in between; we gladly explain you more about the inner workings of the Eurovision Song Contest! Continue reading..

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