2020 Ticket page dump

Below you will find our English FAQ. For the Dutch FAQ on the AVROTROS website, click here.

When will tickets go on sale?

Ticket sales will start on Thursday 26 March at 20:00 CET at tickets.songfestival.nl. Please note that this is the final wave of sales.

You will be able to buy tickets for the Live Shows as well as the Jury and Family Shows (rehearsals). There will be tickets available for all 9 shows.

We strongly advise you to buy tickets through our official ticketing partner Paylogic and official ticket re-selling partner Ticketswap only and no other website.

How many shows will there be?

A total of 9 shows will be accessible for the public audience.

First Semi-Final

  • Jury Show: Monday 11 May at 21:00 CEST

  • Family Show: Tuesday 12 May at 15:00 CEST

  • Live Show: Tuesday 12 May at 21:00 CEST

Second Semi-Final

  • Jury Show: Wednesday 13 May at 21:00 CEST

  • Family Show: Thursday 14 May at 15:00 CEST

  • Live Show: Thursday 14 May at 21:00 CEST

Grand Final

  • Jury Show: Friday 15 May at 21:00 CEST

  • Family Show: Saturday 16 May at 13:30 CEST

  • Live Show: Saturday 16 May at 21:00 CEST

What is a Jury and a Family Show?

Both the Jury and Family shows are complete shows, including presenters, performances and interval acts. There are 2 differences between these and the live shows: Jury and Family shows will not be broadcast on television and, during the voting sequence, dummy results will be used.

The duration of the Semi-Final shows is 2 hours and for the Grand Final shows, it’s approximately 3 hours.

Which ticket types are available and what are the prices?

Ticket types

The following types of tickets will be available:

  • Standing places (on the arena floor)

  • Seated seats (1st and 2nd tier)

  • 'Limited view' seats

  • Accessible seats**



Eurovision 2020 ticket prices: Third wave (Semi-Finals)NPO/AVROTROS/NOS

Grand Final*:

Eurovision 2020 ticket prices: Third wave (Grand Final)NPO/AVROTROS/NOS

* Ticket prices include €3,50 service fee per ticket

** Accessible seats can only be booked by phone at +31 20 225 1116, the line opens at 12.00 (midday) CET. You can bring one additional person per accessible seat. Indicated prices are per person, you will also need a ticket for your companion.

What does “limited view” mean?

A limited view seat provides you view of the main stage and on the B-stage, but a limited view of the led video screen that serves as a backdrop for the acts. The view will also be limited if any act takes place close to or behind this screen.

How does the queue system work?

Visitors who open the link to the order page before tickets are on sale will be allocated a random spot in the waiting queue by the system. You will not see a queue number on the screen, the system will automatically place you in the queue. Visitors who open the link after tickets are on sale will join at the end of the queue. Visiting the website the day before sales start doesn’t give you any guarantee to get to first place in the queue.

You are advised not to refresh the ticket page or you will lose your position and be placed at the back of the queue.

Please note: every show has its own queue.

How many tickets can I buy?

A maximum of 4 tickets can be selected per order (per bank account and address). If you book more than 4 tickets, your tickets might be cancelled.

Can I buy tickets to different shows at the same time?

To purchase tickets for different shows you need to enter the relevant queue for that particular show. More than one queue can be entered at one time. Up to 4 tickets per person can be bought for each show. A different transaction needs to be completed for each individual show.

How much time do I have to finalize my order?

As you enter the payment stage, you will have 5 minutes to finalize your order. So make sure you collect all the payment details you need for the transaction in advance (bank details, secure codes etc.).

How can I pay for my tickets?

Payment methods

The following payment methods only will be available:

  • iDEAL

  • Paypal

  • Credit card (Mastercard & Visa)

  • Sofortüberweisung

  • Bancontact

How does an online credit card payment work?

In order to complete payment using a credit card, please enter your credit card number, expiration date and CVC number. This data is transferred to your credit card company to verify. We advise you to have all your details ready when you book your tickets.

The credit card company authorizes the transaction and sends the confirmed authorization information back to Paylogic in order to complete the payment. This transfer of data is completely secured.

Please note that you might get asked to fill in your 3D Secure code. This service needs to be activated with your bank. If you have activated 3D Secure, you will receive a code that you can fill in on the payment page.

Personalization of your tickets

For the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, you will have to personalize your tickets.

Why do I need to personalize my tickets?

We want to prevent and minimize ticket re-sales with extreme prices on the black market. We can also use the personal details to contact ticket buyers with information concerning the Eurovision Song Contest.

How do I personalize my tickets?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail after completing the order with payment. The personalization period for the third wave of tickets opens on 31 March 12:00 (midday) CET and closes Tuesday 7 April at 23:59 (CET). You will receive a separate email for this. This e-mail provides a link ('Add additional information') where you can fill in personal information (such as your full name, e-mail address and date of birth of every attendee).

After the personalization, you will receive your e-tickets. Please note: If you don’t personalize your ticket(s) within the personalization period, your ticket(s) will be cancelled and the purchase price for the ticket will be refunded to the main buyer, after deducting the Ticket Refund Fee.

The credentials on the ticket can be randomly checked at the entrance of Rotterdam Ahoy. If the credentials on the ticket and ID of the ticket holder don’t match, you can be refused admittance.

Is it possible to change the name on one of my tickets?

We want to prevent and minimize ticket re-sale with extreme prices on the black market. For that reason, we don’t offer the possibility to change the name on the ticket. Closer to the event, we will provide more information on tickets and personalization in case of unforeseen absence.

I lost my ticket(s), what can I do?

If you cannot find your ticket(s) anymore or if you have lost the confirmation email including your ticket(s), you can request Paylogic to re-send your confirmation mail.

I have a question about my order/ticket(s), how do I contact Paylogic?

Check out the FAQ on the customer service website of Paylogic. If your question is still not answered then you can contact Paylogic via e-mail.

I can’t attend the event after all, what can I do with my ticket?

You can re-sell your ticket through official ticket re-selling partner Ticketswap securely for a fair price.

What is refund protection?

During your booking process, a Refund Protection is being offered. Refund Protection provides a refund if a customer is unable to attend due to a number of circumstances. Click here for more info.

Is there a minimum age to visit?

There is no minimum age to visit the Eurovision Song Contest, but children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Which items can I bring with me?

In the months before the event, an e-mail will be sent out with details on what you may or may not bring to the Rotterdam Ahoy. All objects that are not allowed will be confiscated at the entrance and will not be returned.

What are the safety measures?

As is customary at the Eurovision Song Contest, strict security measures will be enforced. Airport security style checks will be in place. Therefore we advise you to arrive early to avoid delay.

Is there accessibility for the auditory and visual impaired?

The Eurovision Song Contest 2020 organizers have the ambition to make the event inclusive and accessible to the widest possible audience. Various initiatives are in the works to ensure that people with various limitations can follow and participate in the shows. These initiatives can be found on www.songfestival.nl

To ensure that people with a visual or auditory impairment can follow the show as well as possible, various facilities will be offered so that this group can experience the show as well as possible. These tickets are still available for all shows. Prices for people with an auditory or visual impairment correspond to the prices for regular tickets on ring 2.

People with an auditory and/or visual impairment could apply for tickets on Thursday 30 January from 12:00 (midday) to 18:00 CET by sending an email. E-mails sent before noon will not be processed. Requests for wheelchair spaces that arrive via this e-mail will not be handled. Furthermore, the principle applies: first come, first served. Indicate in your e-mail which show you want to visit, with how many people you would like to come and what kind of restriction you have. You can order a maximum of 4 tickets per person. You will receive a message in the course of February whether you have obtained the tickets for these special places with support. Then you will be sent a link with which you can definitively order and pay for the tickets.

How do I get to Ahoy Rotterdam?

More information on the accessibility of the venue can be found on their website.

I need assistance, what can I do?

If you would like to request assistance for your visit to one of the shows, please send an e-mail to discuss available options.